"Attending the Transplant Games was an life altering experience! The competition was amazingly supportive & friendly but still a true example of real athleticism and I will cherish the memories forever. This being said, the PEOPLE I met were the absolute most incredible part. I was humbled by the energy, spirit and courage of the attendees, especially the donor families and the selfless gift they bravely chose to give so that we could live. I will never miss another one."

Tiffany Van Alst
Multiple Kidney Transplant Recipient

"Attending the 2008 Transplant Games as a donor family was a wonderful experience. Every day was emotionally charged and action packed. We had the opportunity to meet incredible people and hear amazing stories. The Games are proof that organ donation turns tragedies into miracles. It was a blessing beyond description to witness my son's heart double lung recipient to run for the first time in her life. Our family truly felt the magnificence that comes from giving."

Zona Zaragoza
Donor Mom

Ana Stenzel U.S. Transplant Games Swim competition